Will ChatGPT kill us all?

My new video on how artificial intelligence could destroy the world

Could artificial intelligence cause the end of the world?

There’s a lot of talk of AI apocalypse, so I thought I’d do a deep dive on why I (and many experts) are worried about it. It’s my longest video for a while and it covers a lot of ground:

  • We don’t know how ChatGPT works?!?! (Or many other kinds of AI—how some natty psychedelic glasses can fool facial recognition software.)
  • How to ‘align’ AI with human values, from stopping language models from lying to stopping an artificial general intelligence from killing us all.
  • ‘Instrumental convergence’, and why even an AI with a perfectly innocent goal like ‘cure cancer’ could end up destroying the world.
  • AI ‘takeoff’ and why artificial general intelligence could be here sooner than we think.
  • Yogurt.

And, as promised in the video, here’s ChatGPT’s rather turgid cat story:

The worst feel-good cat story ever written


Please complete the following:

The cat sat on the


mat. It curled up into a cozy ball, purring contently. Its soft fur shimmered under the warm sunlight streaming through the window. Occasionally, its eyes would dart around, following invisible prey only it could see. The cat's tail swished lazily back and forth, a sign of its relaxed state.

Meanwhile, nearby, a gentle breeze rustled the leaves of a nearby tree, creating a soothing melody. The cat's ears twitched, momentarily distracted by the whispering sound. But it quickly regained its composure and focused on its comfortable spot on the mat.

With each passing minute, the cat seemed to sink deeper into relaxation. Its eyes half-closed, and its breathing became slow and rhythmic. It was in its element, finding solace in the simplicity of the moment.

Unbeknownst to the cat, the world continued to buzz around it. People hurriedly went about their daily routines, cars zoomed past outside, and birds chirped merrily in the distance. But none of that mattered to the cat. In its serene stillness, it had found a sanctuary of tranquility.

As the afternoon sun descended, casting long shadows across the room, the cat stretched its limbs, preparing to depart from its temporary haven. With a graceful leap, it hopped off the mat, landing on the floor with a soft thud.

The cat moved on, perhaps in search of another comfortable spot or an enticing adventure. But for that moment, it had experienced pure contentment, leaving behind a faint imprint on the mat, reminding us of the simple joys that can be found in the most ordinary of moments.

via ChatGPT.

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