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This is a list of upcoming public appearances. If you’d like me to speak at your event, please get in touch!


Foresight Institute Vision Weekend Europe, Schloss Bückeburg, Germany, 12th–14th July

Andrew will speak on Pathways to a Flourishing Longevity Industry as part of this weekend exploring optimistic and high-tech visions of the future, and how we can work together to achieve them.

Past events (2024)


International Social Wellbeing Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 4th–5th June

Andrew will be speaking to around 2000 experts, policymakers, businesspeople and other stakeholders, on how longevity science could contribute to the topic of this year’s summit—Ageing and longevity: towards a meaningful retirement.

Lessons for an ageing world, Cheltenham Science Festival, Friday 7th June 16:30–17:30

Andrew will interview Prof Andrew Scott about his brilliant new book The Longevity Imperative, to find out what we need to do to move away from the ‘ageing society’ narrative, and build a new evergreen society in which we can all live healthier, more fulfilled lives for longer.

The hallmarks of longevity, Founders Longevity Forum, London, 10th–11th June

Andrew will introduce the science of ageing for a day designed for investors, VCs, CEOs and founders.

Talking about longevity, Longevity Summit Dublin, Friday 14th June, 1745–18:30

Andrew will be speaking on a panel with David Barzilai, Jennifer Pearlman and Aubrey de Grey about how we communicate longevity science.

Can we cure ageing?, Festival der Zukunft, Munich, Germany, Friday 28th June 09:45–10:15

This festival explores all things in the future of science, climate, robotics and AI, and Andrew will be giving a keynote on longevity science.

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Longevity Week Berlin Opening Gala, May 6th, 16:00–20:00

Andrew co-hosted the opening event for Berlin’s first ever Longevity Week with Stephanie Dainow, as well as speaking on a panel about ‘Democratising Longevity’. Find out more about future events at

Longevity Startups @ Google, Berlin, May 8th, 18:00–21:00

Andrew opened an evening of talks from startups in longevity and healthtech at Google’s Berlin offices.

Longevity State Conference, Cofrentes, Spain, May 13th–15th

The Longevity State Conference explored what healthcare, neighbourhoods, regulations and countries would look like if longevity was the primary priority. Andrew spoke about how we can use policy and lobbying to increase public funding of longevity research.


Livelong Summit, West Palm Beach, Florida, March 15th–16th

The first ever Livelong Summit was two days of the cutting-edge research, health advice and more coming out of longevity science with top scientists, doctors and other experts.


The World Forum, Berlin, February 18th–19th

An event exploring the future of democracy, tech and humankind, at which Andrew hosted panels on longevity, alternative proteins, AI and space travel.


Longevity Investors Lunch, Davos, Switzerland, January 16th

An invite-only event during the World Economic Forum, bringing together scientists, academia, entrepreneurs and investors.