New videos: in consultation with Medlife Crisis

Chatting with Dr Rohin Francis about ageing and smartwatches

Two new videos out today! First up, the third in my smartwatches series, which I interview Dr Rohin Francis (aka Medlife Crisis) to referee a fight to the (hopefully optimally delayed) death between the various numbers wearables spit out to adjudicate: what’s the most important number for your health?

And this won’t be the last you see of Dr Crisis: we had a fascinating chat about a few different metrics, and we ended up covering about quite a few more numbers, medical applications for these devices, and loads of other fascinating stuff…so (smart)watch this space for more videos with the doc covering these topics!

Then, we turned the tables (or rather, switched chairs) and Rohin interviewed me, in a chat covering ageing, aglets, hard-ball questions, wellness, fasting, real science, fake science, unrealistic predictions and, of course, tortoises. This was honestly one of my favourite interviews and, with its Joe-Rogan-esque running time, there will definitely be some stuff in there you’ve not heard before, so check it out!

If you prefer your two-hour deep dives in audio format, this chat is also the first episode of Rohin’s new podcast, Still Practising. I’ll stick up a link when I have one!

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