The new science of getting older without getting old

My first book, Ageless, is a guide to the science behind the most important biomedical question of our time: why we get old, and how we can stop it.

An absolute tour de force.

Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer, SENS Research Foundation

Read it and prepare to think differently about your future.

Andrew Scott, Professor of Economics, London Business School and co-author The 100 Year Life

Coming December 24th 2020

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About the book

Ageing—not cancer or heart disease—is the world’s leading cause of death and suffering. In spite of this, we accept the ageing process as inevitable. We come to terms with the fact that our bodies and minds will begin to deteriorate and our risk of disease will rise as we get older. Ageing is so deeply ingrained in the human experience that we never stop to ask: is it necessary?

Scientists, on the other hand, know that ageing is not a biological inevitability. Ageless introduces us to the cutting-edge research that is paving the way for a revolution in medicine. It takes us inside the laboratories where scientists are studying every aspect of the body: DNA, mitochondria, stem cells, the immune system, even ‘ageing genes’ that have helped animals enjoy a tenfold increase in lifespan—and which could, in the not too distant future, lead to treatments which could forestall our own bodies’ decline.

Scientist and writer Andrew Steele takes us on a tour of this fascinating and hopeful research, explaining what is happening as we age, and practical ways we can help slow down the process. He reveals how understanding the scientific implications of ageing could lead to the greatest revolution in the history of medicine—one that has the potential to improve billions of lives, save trillions of dollars, and transform the human condition.

Early praise

Ageless is an outstanding, totally accessible exposition of why ageing can and should be understood as a medical problem, and of how the world’s leading medical researchers are solving it. An absolute tour de force, it will surely save many lives by inspiring new recruits to join this crusade.

Dr Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer, SENS Research Foundation

This is an essential book for anyone interested in the fast-developing science of longevity.

Jim Mellon, Chairman of Juvenescence

An immensely important book. Steele surveys the biology of human ageing, as well as the cutting-edge research on how to prevent it. The first person to achieve immortality may already have been born. Is it you?!

Prof Lewis Dartnell, author of Origins

Ageless is a fascinating, stimulating and pleasingly practical guide to the science of ageing and how we might be able to bend the arrow of biological time to improve our health.

Dr Kat Arney, author of Rebel Cell: Cancer, Evolution and the Science of Life

Few issues can be more important for our future than ensuring we age as well as possible. Ageless explains the extraordinary achievements and promise of current scientific research around longevity. Read it and prepare to think differently about your future.

Prof Andrew Scott, Professor of Economics, London Business School and co-author of The 100-Year Life

In his book Ageless, Andrew Steele describes how the field of ageing biology moved from hope to promise. This is a masterful roadmap for interested lay people, scientists at large and also geroscientists like myself—I was surprised how much I learned.

Dr Nir Barzilai, founding director of the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University

A fascinating look at how scientists are working to help doctors treat not just one disease at a time, but the ageing process itself, helping us all to lead longer, healthier lives.

Dr Sanjay Gupta, Associate Chief of the Neurosurgery Service at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, Associate Professor of Neurosurgery at the Emory University School of Medicine and Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN

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