Ageless has over 400 references, most of which are scientific papers but also including other books, press articles, videos and reports. The easiest way to access these is the short links in the back of the book, which start with and are followed by a unique code made up of six letters and numbers (eg If you type this into a web browser, it will take you to the reference, occasionally with additional information. For completeness, I’ve also added chapter-by-chapter reference lists, which you can access below.

Data and calculations

I had to calculate some statistics in the book myself from publicly available data. The simple calculations are in Google Spreadsheets which you can find in this Google Drive folder. The more complex calculations which required scripting are available in this GitHub repository.

References by chapter

  1. Introduction

Part 1: An age-old problem

  1. Chapter 1: The age of ageing
  2. Chapter 2: On the origin of ageing
  3. Chapter 3: The birth of biogerontology
  4. Chapter 4: Why we age

Part 2: Treating ageing

  1. Chapter 5: Out with the old
  2. Chapter 6: In with the new
  3. Chapter 7: Running repairs
  4. Chapter 8: Reprogramming ageing

Part 3: Living longer

  1. Chapter 9: The quest for a cure
  2. Chapter 10: How to live long enough to live even longer
  3. Chapter 11: From science to medicine
  1. Bonus chapter: A world without ageing

If you spot any mistakes, or have any requests, please contact me, or leave a comment on the appropriate reference page. Thanks!