These are the references from my book, Ageless: The new science of getting older without getting old.

I’ve tried to provide a citation for all the important facts and figures in the text, using sources that are free to read where possible, and giving preference to more accessibly written studies – though obviously scientific papers can sometimes be quite heavy going. Occasionally I’ve referenced particularly good popular science articles, books and videos that often go into greater depth on a specific topic than I’ve had space to in the book. I also haven’t always referenced the primary source where another provides a more readable overview.

If you want to access the references, they are all accompanied by a short link, starting with and followed by a unique code made up of six letters and numbers (eg If you type this into a web browser, it will take you to the reference, occasionally with additional information.

I’ll add per-chapter reference lists shortly. I’ve been so busy in the run-up to publication this hasn’t quite made it to the top of my to-do list yet!

If you spot any mistakes, or have any requests, please contact me, or leave a comment on the appropriate reference page. Thanks!

Data and calculations

I had to calculate some statistics in the book myself from publicly available data. The simple calculations are in Google Spreadsheets which you can find in this Google Drive folder. The more complex calculations which required scripting are available in this GitHub repository.