Web video speed adjuster

How to make videos on YouTube (and more) play back at any speed

Do you like watching videos at high speed, or playing them back in ridiculous slow-mo? YouTube offers speeds from 0.25× and 2×…but is that just not enough for you?

This cool tool allows you to adjust the speed of YouTube, Netflix and Disney+ videos by choosing your desired speed in the box below, then adding then link as a bookmark (you can either right-click and add as bookmark or, if there's no option for that, drag it to your bookmarks bar). Click the bookmark when watching a video, and watch it magically speed up or slow down to your desired playback rate!

I wish I'd known about this sooner. I could have saved literally days of my life.

I want my video to play at ×

Bookmark this to make it happen: Video speed: 3×

Or, if it's easier, here is the raw JavaScript which you can add as a bookmark manually:


Alternatively, this version by Graham Harper prompts you for your requested speed each time (defaulting to the value you choose in the box above): Change video speed

javascript:(()=>{const speed = prompt('Enter playback speed',3);if(!speed)return;document.getElementsByTagName('video')[0].playbackRate=Number(speed);})();

Why not try it with this video?

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