Coronavirus: what happens next?

New video about how to beat COVID-19

We’re obviously saturated with coverage about coronavirus, but one thing I think is really lacking from both politics and journalism at the moment is serious discussion of where we go from here. What’s the long game—and how long is it likely to be?

So I decided to make a video exploring where we go from here: herd immunity, vaccines, Bill Gates, deliberately infecting people with coronavirus, how our mobile phones could help, how long we might all be in and out of lockdown…and finally, some reasons for long-term optimism in spite of how obviously terrible this is in the short term.

Check it out below, and please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel for more science videos!

Thanks to my production, er, team Tran Nguyen, who in spite of being a front-line doctor took some time out between shifts to help me film this!

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