Can you catch cancer?

From Tasmanian devils to tapeworms, cancer can be contagious

Did you know that Tasmanian devils can catch cancer by biting one-another? Or that there’s a type of cancer that can be treated with antibiotics? My new video digs into the weird world of contagious cancer…and provides proof that biology is sometimes horrible, but always fascinating.

Cancer is usually known as a ‘non-communicable’ disease, like heart disease—but understanding the unusual cases of transmissible cancer in nature and in people could help us save lives, and ecosystems. Give it a watch!

This video was produced in collaboration with Merck. Visit their website to find out about their work on global health, and their very cool programme of donating anti-worm medicine to children in the developing world (which, if you watch the video, you’ll see is also a way to prevent cancer!).

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