Ageless: coming December 2020

My book on ageing biology is now available for pre-order

This is what my book will look like!

I can also announce that it will be out in the UK on December 24th 2020. You can find out more about it, and find links to pre-order, at

It’s called Ageless, and it’s about what I think is the most important biomedical question of our time: why we get old, and how we can stop it.

Ageing is the single largest cause of human suffering, and we now have the scientific tools to slow and even reverse the process. The world’s leading killers—cancer, heart disease, stroke, dementia, and so on—are all fundamentally a consequence of a single process: ageing. By understanding and treating ageing itself, we could delay or prevent many of these diseases simultaneously.

It’s even relevant to coronavirus: the risk of serious illness or death from covid is borne disproportionately by older people, whose immune systems are less effective and whose bodies less resilient to fighting the infection. So treating ageing could help with that too.

I really want to bring this exciting science to a wider audience. We now know that the ageing process isn’t inevitable. The work going on in ageing biology labs could change all of our lives for the better.

If you want to find out how, please buy my book!

Here are some places where you can pre-order:

It will also be out in the US on 23rd March 2021! Get in ahead of the rush by pre-ordering:

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