Wednesday 24th October 2007

I went to London at the weekend, taking the bus down the M40. At one point, there’s a large fence by the side of the motorway, separating a field from the wood behind it. This fence appears to be a target for graffiti; it currently reads “new team supreme”, if I recall correctly (which I may not quite). And the reason I may not quite recall correctly is that this is an utterly unmemorable thing to plaster over a highly visible patch of fence.

This would not shock or anger me particularly were it not for the fact that this high-visibility graffito replaces a previous one which was far cleverer. Apparently it used to read “Why do I do this everyday?”, which was replaced by “Why do I still do this everyday?” at some stage. Now, aside from the fact that the artist means ‘every day’, not ‘everyday’, this is quite a fitting legend for a stretch of motorway often jammed with commuters. It’s a comment on the futility of the life of the faceless businessman. It’s slightly anarchic and “aaaah” (in a “makes you think” kind of way rather than an “I’ve just stubbed my toe on the sideboard” kind of way) in exactly the way that graffiti should be.

Having missed out on this artful critique on the Western lifestyle and instead been treated to something which, as far as I know, means absolutely nothing apart from that some eejit wasted a lot of money on spray-paint, I decided to search for a picture of the original text on the Internet, hoping to re-live the incisive social commentary.

whydoidothiseverydayphoto by FiPZiE

Results were thin on the ground. The above picture gives an impression. And, uh, that’s about it. Oh, apart from an extremely racist web forum.

Some members of the BNP speculating about covert publicity used the success and wide note of this slogan (according to the Wikipedia M40 article before trivia sections were removed Wiki-wide, it made it as far as being mentioned on Top Gear) as an example. So the BNP want more publicity: it’s always a bit incredible to find an actual, real BNP supporter, or even several, but it’s nothing off the chart. I mean, they do get votes in elections. However, intrigued to have found this honeypot for hard-right-os, I kept browsing. I came across more and more discussions about how crap black people are, and how great white people are. Someone pointed out that black people are quite good at running fast (not in a particularly pleasant way, as I recall, but more as an indication that they are strong, like monkeys, whilst we’re clever, like Homo sapiens).

But one of the many eloquent contributors, going by the name of “Wolf”, isn’t happy that black man might have any traits (even ones which can be brushed off as subhuman) that white man can’t do better with his eyes closed, his mouth open and his limbs all cut off, and proposes the theory that black people are faster sprinters because…wait for it…they’ve got less brain weighing them down. It’s a theory so mind-bogglingly absurd that I found it pretty funny for the three nanoseconds before I started despairing for humanity.

Surely superior white man (who also has superior muscles, if the rest of this crap is to be believed) should be able to carry the tiny amount of extra brain that he possesses at a higher speed than rubbish black man? I assume the bigoted white supremacist twats with their vast intellects, stumbling under the huge mass of brain they have to carry with them everywhere to think up new arguments for why they are amazing and people with a different skin colour suck, would be Olympic gold medallists if only they had craniosuction to remove some of that excess grey matter. I mean, they can’t need all of it, can they? How is it fair that they get to be so clever that they can see what most of society is unable to, ie that racism is all true?

I’m wrong, of course, because I didn’t take into account “Wolf”’s other claim—that white men are also heavier because they have larger intestines than their inferior black counterparts. This is surely proof, if any were needed, that white supremacists are full of shit.


  1. Ah… the BNP. They really would be the party in power if only the Jews didn’t own the world, huh?

    Can’t believe someone got rid of the old message on the M40 – I was a big fan of it, too.

    And thanks to Wikipedia, I now know that Michael Flatley was caught speeding on the M40. Wikipedia, if only you held more knowledge of racial truths, you would truly be the greatest source of information in this wide world.

    As for dumb racism… there are some outrageously misguided supremacists out in Japan who have got this baseless and bizarre idea that Western people only see 5 colours in the rainbow, and are therefore less intelligent than Japanese. Mind you, I’ve met people who believe that foreigners biologically can’t eat raw fish; physically can’t use chopsticks; and that nowhere else in the world has 4 seasons.

    It’s quite interesting to see from another perspective… bigoted stupidity in my Glorious Homeland of Wonder was almost always whites first. Now – rare though it is, thankfully – it’s Asians first, way above whites, and then blacks (if they have to be recognised as humans at all), it’s quite eye-opening.

    It’s a good job that my brain is superior to theirs, otherwise I might have dumb ideas, too.

    (I’ve always fancied giving all nationalist and racist political groups their own country which is, after all, what they all want. So I think we should create Racistland, and make all the racists in the world a coalition government together. Then we leave it for 10 years, clear up any remains, and then resettle it with slightly more pleasant folk.)

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