Thursday 28 June 2007

And so began the grand tour of Europe with Rosalind: a trip on a train which would transport us at almost a sixth the speed of sound up to 60m beneath the sea floor.

The trip was dark, a bit rattly and nothing like as exciting as that description might lead you to believe.

A couple of hours and a bit after departing from Waterloo International, a station whose name and airport-style waiting lounge might lead you to deduce (correctly) that it has slight delusions of grandeur when the furthest it can take you is France and Belgium, we arrived in Bruxelles. Having arrived quite late and made a beeline for the hostel we were staying in, it wasn’t the most exciting sojourn.

But we had made it to continental Europe. With no hostels booked and no idea where the Hell we were going, all that could get in our way was a lack of Internet access. What wonders were to come in the two and a bit weeks to follow? There is only one way to find out.* Read on!

There’s an extensive selection of links here or, alternatively, you can read the lot in order with the forward links at the bottom of every entry.

  1. Day 1—Bruxelles (that’s today, you muppet)
  2. Day 2—Köln
  3. Day 3 & Day 4—Wien
  4. Day 5 & Day 6—Salzburg (this is as far as the entries go so far…more soon!)
  5. Days 7, 8 & 9—Maurach am Achensee
  6. Day 10—Vicenza
  7. Day 11—Venezia
  8. Days 12 & 13—Torino
  9. Days 14, 15 & 17—Lyon (with a sneaky daytrip to Avignon on Day 16)
  10. Day 18—Bruxelles again

*No, asking me is not a way. I am very antisocial and will refer you back to this ’blog.

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