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Transit of Venus 2012 | Photography | andrewsteele.co.uk


  1. louisa says (21:33 06/06/2012)

    I think this is absolutely amazing that venus is moving across the sun. Next time it happens I will be 112!

  2. lara says (22:49 06/06/2012)

    absolutely beautiful

  3. Doug says (09:05 07/06/2012)

    Wow! well done. That's excellent. I just managed to capture it as Venus was just beginning to leave the edge of the Sun as the cloud cleared (SE London). My pics are quite fuzzy but I'm pleased I caught it. Jealous of yours though! ;0)))

  4. Statto says (12:42 07/06/2012)

    Thanks everyone!

  5. Donald Lyven says (19:35 26/06/2012)

    Wow, fantastic! Though it looks like you had the pleasure of time to get your shot....!
    Here in Finchley, North London, I was left with barely five minutes before it was all over when the clouds cleared sufficiently to get my first photos; and by then Venus was already exiting the sun's disk. Please see my Flickr account.
    Not sure if any UK newspaper published a UK taken photo of the Transit. The London Evening Standard preferring to show a picture of a sun spot instead!
    Even the BBC website only showed foreign taken photos; and those people had hours to get their shots....
    Again, well done; brilliant photo, and I love the birds.

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