Hi! I’m Dr Andrew Steele, and this is my website. I’m a recovering physicist making my way into ageing biology, currently working as a computational biologist for the Francis Crick Institute. I’m also a photographer, writer and videomaker. If you’d like me to do any of those things for you, please get in touch!

I spend a lot of time talking about science. I front a series of short physics videos called Lab, Camera, Action!; I won FameLab UK 2012 for a three-minute presentation on how quantum mechanics explains the colour of carrots; and I’m rolling out the Accelerate! lecture show across the south-east of England.

When not working or playing with science, I like to take photographs, write satirical stuff, and cycle.

If you’re interested in getting hold of me, you can find enough details to commit minor identity fraud on my contact page. You can also check out my CV.