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  1. A wide-roaming train of thought

    How cheaper calls from abroad illustrate two important economic principles.

    Monday 7th April 2014 22:36 GMT

  2. Presidential polls, pointless pundits and potent probability

    Numerical models should spell the end of innumerate punditry…and elections?

    Thursday 8th November 2012 14:14 GMT

  3. Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2012

    A quick write-up of my shortlisted image, Shropshire paraselene.

    Thursday 20th September 2012 12:31 GMT

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  1. If you can't be at the FameLab final in person (and why not?) watch it live here!

    Wednesday 23rd April 2014 18:27 GMT

  2. Eminem’s 2002 hip-hop drama film 8 Mile has a running time of 110 minutes. I’m no Mo Farah, but that seems quite slow to me.

    Tuesday 22nd April 2014 15:17 GMT

  3. So, who’s coming to the FameLab UK final tomorrow night? I gather there will be some science…

    Tuesday 22nd April 2014 09:19 GMT

  4. 'Tougher checks take longer' opines the LCD TV in the unending queue for Border Control, offering no evidence that they serve any other purpose.

    Sunday 20th April 2014 12:36 GMT

  5. A tour of European seminal Elbow lyrics graffiti RT @starstryder Seen in Olomouc, Czech Republic

    Saturday 19th April 2014 09:19 GMT

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