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====== Installation ====== - MµCalc requires: * An operating system (tested on Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS X and Windows) * [[|Python]] (tested on v2.5–2.7; v2.6+ is better as JSON support is built in; not compatible with Python 3) * [[|simplejson]] if using Python version < 2.6. * [[|NumPy]] * [[|VPython]] * Also, optionally: * PyCifRW, which allows importing of crystal structures in the widely-used CIF (Crystallographic Information File) format. Various methods of downloading and installing are suggested on the PyCifRW homepage. If you are a Windows user, the simplest way it to [[|download PyCifRW-3.1.win32.exe]] from the International Union of Crystallography website. * [[|POV-Ray]], a standalone, cross-platform, open-source raytracing program, if you wish to render exported 3D .pov files. - [[|Download the latest version of MµCalc.]] - Unzip to an appropriate location. The simplest way to get MµCalc up and running is to go to the VPython download page ([[|Mac]], [[|Windows]]) and download the version of Python linked from there followed by VPython itself. VPython will install NumPy too, so this should leave you good to go. ====== Running ====== ===== Linux, Mac and Windows command line ===== - Open a terminal window and navigate to the installation directory. - Type ''python'' and press enter. (Windows users can optionally type just mmcalc and press enter.) ===== Windows GUI ===== - Double-click on ''mmcalc.cmd''.

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