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Welcome to the MµCalc documentation! MµCalc is a piece of scientist-written software used to calculate the dipole fields inside crystals, and also produces high-quality 3D pictures of crystal structures. To get up and running quickly, try the [[tutorial]]. More detailed documentation is also available: * [[Tutorial]] * User manual * [[introduction|Introduction]] * [[install|Installation]] * [[crystal|Crystal structure menu]] * [[dipole|Dipole field menu]] * [[visualisation|Visualisation menu]] * [[hints|Hints and tips]] * [[config|Advanced configuration in]] * [[Filetypes]] * Physics * [[dipolefieldsimulation|Dipole-field simulation]] * [[magneticpropagationvector|Magnetic propagation vectors]] * Development * [[todo|To-do list]] * [[?do=index|all pages (sitemap)]]

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