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  1. About to PechaKucha the Scienceogram. 20 slides, 20 seconds each. I may speak quite fast…apologies in advance to the translator!

    Wednesday 16th April 2014 18:59 GMT

  2. @cassiopeia789 My thoughts exactly! I’m no Van Gogh, but I reckon I could draw a better 2D flower than that…as could a five year-old… :)

    Wednesday 16th April 2014 16:01 GMT

  3. Jennifer Gardy is lamenting the scientific illiteracy of the Canadian government: we need to communicate science to inoculate against that.

    Wednesday 16th April 2014 12:01 GMT

  4. Just arrived in Olomouc, Czech Republic, for some serious science film watching, stargazing and Scienceogram!

    Tuesday 15th April 2014 17:35 GMT

  5. @SciencePunk I might be able to help or, if you want someone who’s been a biologist for more than eight months (!!), try @jpsenescence…

    Monday 14th April 2014 08:58 GMT

  6. @GullwingPhoto That might open up an interesting world of strobe photo opportunities…

    Friday 11th April 2014 14:42 GMT

  7. @GullwingPhoto And if they somehow saw, I would BLIND THEM WITH YOUR CRAZY LIGHTS which I assume have a Men in Black memory-erasing setting.

    Friday 11th April 2014 14:36 GMT

  8. @GullwingPhoto I think I need a more retro-slick bike. :)

    Friday 11th April 2014 14:23 GMT

  9. @GullwingPhoto Quite a lot smoother, I imagine. And if my brief carbon fibre experience was anything to go by, less scary on windy ridges!

    Friday 11th April 2014 14:17 GMT

  10. @GullwingPhoto Down-tube shifters are real! What era is that? Gorgeous.

    Friday 11th April 2014 14:11 GMT

  11. @mrdrumstickdan That's an (alt)ernative I’d not considered.

    Thursday 10th April 2014 16:30 GMT

  12. @GullwingPhoto Haha. Yeah, it’s like a second! You have to be prepared…just as I wasn’t. :)

    Wednesday 9th April 2014 15:42 GMT

  13. @kieronflanagan An article-length version would be pretty useful though, hint hint… @MichaelKitson @Nightingale_P @nathangray @AWTaylor83

    Wednesday 9th April 2014 14:50 GMT

  14. @kieronflanagan Thanks, I’ll take a look. :) @MichaelKitson @Nightingale_P @nathangray @AWTaylor83

    Wednesday 9th April 2014 14:50 GMT

  15. @GullwingPhoto Annoying though, because it is pretty unusual…tracks where you can see it are usually ~10 miles wide…

    Wednesday 9th April 2014 14:06 GMT

  16. @GullwingPhoto That is indeed excellent…nice passes coming up for the next fortnight! And, for lunar transits, this app.

    Wednesday 9th April 2014 14:05 GMT

  17. @kieronflanagan Cheers! And thoughts appreciated, @Nightingale_P @nathangray :) @AWTaylor83

    Wednesday 9th April 2014 13:32 GMT

  18. @kieronflanagan Is there a canonical debunking of that canard somewhere? That would be ludicrously useful. @nathangray @AWTaylor83

    Wednesday 9th April 2014 13:30 GMT

  19. (Of course, the irony of that last status is that the function name is so long, I had to resort to an interrobang to get it below140 characters…)

    Wednesday 9th April 2014 10:14 GMT

  20. I wrote a function to strip extensions from filenames (I know, rocket science)…what to call it‽ getFilenameWithoutExtension is far too long…

    Wednesday 9th April 2014 10:13 GMT