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  1. @dr_fi Oh no! Get well soon. And enjoy!

    Wednesday 23rd April 2014 18:32 GMT

  2. If you can't be at the FameLab final in person (and why not?) watch it live here!

    Wednesday 23rd April 2014 18:27 GMT

  3. @AndrewHolding Haha. If you’d been more grumpy maybe you could draw on the Dark Side and win? @JamieBGall @lucygthorne @FameLabUK @huwmjames

    Wednesday 23rd April 2014 12:01 GMT

  4. @JamieBGall @lucygthorne @FameLabUK Ditto, and yeah @huwmjames is away on Costa Rica or somewhere ace. See you tonight! :)

    Wednesday 23rd April 2014 11:58 GMT

  5. @TheOxfordDom Definitely causality…you’re coming along to bask in reflected glory, right? ;) @FameLabUK

    Tuesday 22nd April 2014 19:40 GMT

  6. @Ben_Bleasdale Ditto! It has, as they say, been too long…

    Tuesday 22nd April 2014 16:39 GMT

  7. @Ben_Bleasdale Good luck. :) Three minutes is the worst to practise for…

    Tuesday 22nd April 2014 16:31 GMT

  8. @Ben_Bleasdale Ha, certainly was. I’ve toured it internationally, I think it’s done the UK, Czech Republic and Sweden so far…

    Tuesday 22nd April 2014 16:30 GMT

  9. @Ben_Bleasdale Dude, you’re a FameLab finalist?! Ace! See you tomorrow night! I used a picture of your CD spectrometer in a talk last week…

    Tuesday 22nd April 2014 16:26 GMT

  10. @jereeve Cheers dude, would love to. Drop me an e-mail! @scienceogram

    Tuesday 22nd April 2014 15:25 GMT

  11. Eminem’s 2002 hip-hop drama film 8 Mile has a running time of 110 minutes. I’m no Mo Farah, but that seems quite slow to me.

    Tuesday 22nd April 2014 15:17 GMT

  12. @jennifergardy @KJCByrne Seriously?!

    Tuesday 22nd April 2014 10:02 GMT

  13. @lisamarieke Hahaha. And, for the sake of the rest of the live-stream watchers, we must hope for a lunar eclipse… @FameLabUK

    Tuesday 22nd April 2014 09:28 GMT

  14. @lisamarieke I’ll try to wave if a camera points my way after 20:00. ;) @FameLabUK

    Tuesday 22nd April 2014 09:26 GMT

  15. So, who’s coming to the FameLab UK final tomorrow night? I gather there will be some science…

    Tuesday 22nd April 2014 09:19 GMT

  16. @musicalscience Haha, but in terms of meeting up, the pressure is off, because we’ve got infinity to sort it out. ;)

    Sunday 20th April 2014 22:15 GMT

  17. @musicalscience Mate, I failed! Hope you have a great trip back and that our paths will cross again soon. :)

    Sunday 20th April 2014 15:11 GMT

  18. @KJCByrne Right back atcha, dude. And, er, see you Wednesday!

    Sunday 20th April 2014 13:27 GMT

  19. 'Tougher checks take longer' opines the LCD TV in the unending queue for Border Control, offering no evidence that they serve any other purpose.

    Sunday 20th April 2014 12:36 GMT

  20. Bye bye, AFO…it’s been an unrelentingly incredible week of madness and amazing people. And invertebrates.

    Sunday 20th April 2014 07:01 GMT