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  1. A wide-roaming train of thought

    How cheaper calls from abroad illustrate two important economic principles.

    Monday 7th April 2014 22:36 GMT

  2. Presidential polls, pointless pundits and potent probability

    Numerical models should spell the end of innumerate punditry…and elections?

    Thursday 8th November 2012 14:14 GMT

  3. Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2012

    A quick write-up of my shortlisted image, Shropshire paraselene.

    Thursday 20th September 2012 12:31 GMT

  4. FameLab 2012

    A brief write-up of my experience at FameLab 2012.

    Friday 27th July 2012 14:36 GMT

  5. Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2011

    My photo, Red Moon rising over Oxford, was highly commended in this year's Greenwich Observatory competition!

    Friday 9th September 2011 14:01 GMT

  6. The Higgs in 353 words

    A friend asked me to explain the implications of the current Higgs hoo-ha in a tweet. I failed. This was the shortest I could manage! Let me know if any of it is too terse…

    Monday 25th July 2011 12:54 GMT

  7. Monday 14th March 2011

    Bollywood Boyz descend upon Oxford Physics.

    Wednesday 16th March 2011 14:19 GMT

  8. The apple of my eye apple rot status

    Watch the fruit bowl in our utility room rotting…in real time!

    Sunday 30th January 2011 18:28 GMT

  9. 2008年10月16日

    A visit to the Beijing Museum of Urban Planning joint-’blogged with Tom Gatley.

    Monday 8th November 2010 15:03 GMT

  10. Small is beautiful

    Mini-referenda: statistically-sound direct democracy?

    Friday 9th July 2010 10:33 GMT